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Faith Baptist Church
History and Philosophy

Faith Baptist Academy

History and Philosophy

Our History and Credentials

Faith Baptist Academy was founded in 1972 as a ministry of Faith Baptist Church. We have enjoyed many decades of continuous operation.

At FBA you will find a truly unique atmosphere. The administration has a pastor's heart and a ministry philosophy that have created a caring, Christ-centered school for students, parents and faculty. Our philosophy of education is based on the Word of God and finely-tuned from many years of experience.

Our Philosophy

Faith Baptist Academy has a balanced enrollment philosophy. In the elementary school (K4-6th grade) we accept any child that has met all of the requirements academically, behaviorally and financially. However, for students entering 7th-12th grades, a testimony of their personal salvation experience will be asked for. Unlike many Christian schools in the area, we have a "Christians Only" philosophy in our Jr. High and High School. Christian students thrive in our school because they truly desire a Christian education in a totally Christian environment.  


Parent Cooperation

As a condition of continuing your child's enrollment in Faith Baptist Academy, it is required that each parent read this handbook carefully and completely.  You must agree to support and abide by each of the policies contained herein.  If you object to or question any of these policies, please speak to the principal before continuing in your plans to enroll.


Faith Baptist Academy is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church.  Our purpose is to complement the training children receive at home and at church. Our utmost desire is to see each child receive Christ as his own Savior and Lord and develop a personal relationship and growth through him. To that end, we seek to instill in each child the desire to grow in Godliness and Christ-likeness with a positive attitude toward Christian service and vocational Christian ministry. We also seek for each child to discover and develop his individual talents and gifts for the ministry of others. Finally, we seek to provide the academic foundation for each child to excel in any Christian college or university.


Our primary objective is to develop Christian character, and secondly, to teach academics, athletics and the fine arts. We believe in the unchanging moral, ethical and spiritual values of the Bible. We will endeavor to teach your child self-discipline; personal responsibility; respect for God, property and others; patriotism; gratitude; honesty; contentment; manners, and much more.

Forty plus years of experience has taught us that we cannot develop these qualities without the complete cooperation of the home. Your home is the single most important factor in your child's life. This kind of training, together with the superior education for which we are known, will prepare your child for life in today's world.

If this is the philosophy, environment, and direction you desire for your child, we welcome you to our growing family.

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