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Come in for a visit!

We are sure that you and your child will feel welcomed! 


Faith Baptist Academy is a ministry of Faith Baptist Church. Founded in 1972, we have enjoyed over 40 years of continuous operation. The administration has a pastor's heart and a ministry philosophy, which have created a caring, heart-centered school for students, parents, and faculty.

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Our primary objective is to develop Christian character; and secondly, to teach academics, athletics, and fine arts. We believe in the unchanging moral, ethical, and spiritual values of the Bible. We will endeavor to teach your children self-discipline; personal responsibility; respect for God, property, and others; patriotism; gratitude; honesty; contentment; manners; and much more.


Faith Baptist Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.​

We reserve the right to determine admission based on prior school references, academic evaluations, and parent/student interviews. We wish to offer a place of refuge and security from the philosophies of the world. We extend an invitation to those outside of our church family as long as they are willing to maintain these standards.


  • 10 acres of secured property

  • Elementary building seperate from Jr. and Sr. high school

  • Library

  • Music room and Choir room

  • Church auditorium also used for weekly chapels, evangelistic meetings, and programs.

  • Computer lab

  • Sport facilities for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Football.

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